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Aaryan Infocom Technology Revolves around us :-

The narrative starts with the modest beginnings of Aaryan Infocom in a small office, when its visionary creator, Mr.Sagar.Y.Pagar, set out to completely transform the market for IT services. Aaryan Infocom was established with the goals of innovation, dependability, and client happiness. Since then, the company has come to be known for its cutting-edge solutions and steadfast support. One of Aaryan Infocom’s distinguishing features is its extensive Annual Maintenance Contracts (AMC), which guarantee clients flawless functioning of their IT infrastructure. The company’s committed group of professionals works nonstop to avoid problems by offering proactive fixes and 24-hour assistance

Connecting Tomorrow:

Bridging Gaps & cutting edge with Aaryan Infocom solutions.

Established over 27 years ago, the company has not only shifted away from the term “electronic needs”, but stands out with diverse product line, a tech-savvy team and commitment to assisting clients across the Mumbai. The story picks more steam as it becomes clear how important Aaryan Infocom was in helping companies navigate technological changes. With specialist and known best-seller for Renew & Refurbished laptops at lower cost.

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Aaryan Infocom

Welcome to Aaryan Infocom AMC

– Your Trusted Technology Partner!

Since our inception, we’ve grown from a vision to a leading tech provider, consistently delivering top-notch IT services. With expert technical support, all-inclusive and resourceful solutions, our AMC services ensure seamless operations for your business. From expert technical support to helpdesk support, we’ve got you covered. Stay ahead with timely updates and upgrades. Our Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) services are designed to ensure that your systems operate seamlessly, allowing you to focus on what matters most to your core business. Our passionate team is committed to staying ahead in the tech world, ensuring we meet and exceed expectation
sagar sir

Sagar Y Pagar

Founder & Managing Director

Meet Sagar Y Pagar, the Founder & Managing Director of Aaryan Infocom, whose journey in the IT industry began with a foundation in Computer Engineering. Starting from humble beginnings, Mr. Pagar demonstrated his entrepreneurial spirit in 1995 by selling phenol door-to-door and investing the proceeds of Rs. 5000 into his nascent computer business. Overcoming the challenge of establishing a business with zero capital, he personally serviced and cleaned desktops, laying the groundwork for Aaryan Infocom’s establishment in 1996. Since then, the company has been a reliable service provider for corporates, offices, and societies.

With an entrepreneurial tenure spanning over 22 years, Mr. Pagar is the driving force behind six successful start-ups that have evolved into established brands. His ventures encompass diverse industries, including Computer Engineering, Brand Doctoring, Script Doctoring, Consultancy, Creative Direction, Production, Writing, Entrepreneurship, and Spa Expertise. Mr. Pagar’s keen understanding of each field, coupled with strategic investments in foundational elements and teams, has propelled his ventures to success, establishing them as thriving brands in the market today.

Why Choose Aaryan Infocom:

  • Expert Technical Support: Our team of professionals is dedicated to providing technical support. From troubleshooting to preventive maintenance, we’ve got your technology covered.
  • Comprehensive Coverage: Enjoy peace of mind with our AMC services covering a wide range of electronic and IT systems. We tailor our contracts to meet your specific needs.
  • Proactive Maintenance: Say goodbye to unexpected downtimes. With Aaryan Infocom AMC, we proactively address potential issues, minimizing disruptions to your operations.
  • Timely Updates and Upgrades: Stay ahead in the rapidly evolving tech landscape. We ensure your systems are up-to-date with the latest software and hardware, enhancing performance and security.
  • Cost-Effective Solutions: Our AMC services are not just about maintenance; they’re about cost-effectiveness. We offer flexible plans that make technology upkeep affordable without compromising on quality.
  • Helpdesk Support: Our friendly and efficient helpdesk is ready to assist you with any IT-related queries.

At Aaryan Infocom AMC, we prioritize your Gadgets health, allowing you to focus on your growth and success. You’re Partnership with us for reliable, efficient, and cost-effective AMC services tailored to your unique requirements.

Contact us today to explore how Aaryan Infocom AMC can elevate your technology experience!