Welcome To Aaryan Infocom

Aaryan Infocom, established in 1996, by its ardent founder Mr. Sagar Y Pagar is an Information Technology brand and has its retail outlet located at Shivaji Park, Mumbai. Being one of the leading computer distributors of more than 50 Brands in Mumbai, Aaryan Infocom has been a pioneer in the Computer Hardware & Service Industry for over 22 years. The brand began its journey from an Assembler, to trader, to wholesaler and is currently the most trusted and only Retail Laptop, Desktop service provider for all brands in the vicinity of Central Mumbai. Services provided range from Laptop – Desktop Sales & Service, CCTV installations, AMC's & Software Development & Management for all businesses – small to big. The brand caters from corporates to educational institutions to individual homes and provides its reliable and timely services across Maharashtra. Our commitment to quality and 22+ years of experience has made us serve over 2,00,000 clients since inception. Our objective is to deliver innovative, secure and quality solutions at every opportunity that comes our way . Aaryan Infocom's team has been steadfast in giving the best to their customer and is a one stop solution for every IT requirement.

Sagar Y Pagar.

Founder & Managing Director

Mr Sagar Pagar, Founder & Managing Director of Aaryan Infocom, began his journey with the IT industry as he obtained an education in Computer Engineering. He started salesmanship by selling phenol door to door back in 1995 and contributed his earnings of Rs. 5000 to his computer business. Before he could set up a firm of his own, he would himself service and clean desktops by visiting every office in his vicinity. The biggest challenge was to build and run the business with zero capital. Aaryan Infocom was established in 1996 and since its inception, has provided its services to various corporates, offices & societies

He is an established entrepreneur with an experience of over 22 years in various challenging feilds. He is the creative mind behind six start-up companies, all of which are now established brands. He entered a lot of diverse industries like Computer Engineering, Brand Doctoring, Script Doctoring, Consultant, Creative Director, Producer, Writer, Entrepreneur, Spa Expert to name a few. He studied the intricacies behind each field, invested his time in building a foundation and a team and spearheaded all his ventures into becoming the thriving brands they are today.